Create, Market & Sell
What You're Meant to Do

Business for Living Fabulous is a one-of-a-kind, 6-week program designed to help you CREATE, MARKET, and SELL what you’re meant to do so you can build a successful business and live fabulous.

Use my signature step-by-step process to create a must-have online offer using nothing but your skills, knowledge, and experience to create a business doing work you love.

This program is designed for people who are ready to launch their business as an expert, influencer, thought leader, or coach.

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Nikki Duckworth - Fashion Stylist

"Before working with Noelle, my head was spinning! I had so many ideas but wasn’t quite sure how to implement them in my business. I needed a solid strategy to really make it happen.

Noelle helped me create a business strategy that was simple and actionable. She broke down what felt like a huge undertaking and everything I had to do felt more manageable. I loved that I walked away with so many ideas that I could implement in a way that still felt like fun.

After working with Noelle, I had a very clear direction for my business and a strategy to implement all of my ideas. I was finally ready to tackle a project that I probably would’ve been spinning my wheels on for months."

Nikki Duckworth - Fashion Stylist, Atlanta, GA

After ditching law school in 2012, I realized that I wanted to build a business that made a difference in the lives of people like you and me. I knew deep down that I had a special gift and I was meant to do something big.

Along the way I struggled with having clarity on my business direction, making money, and knowing my true purpose. Even though I was spinning my wheels for years, I didn't let that stop me from going for my dream to create a successful business.

Over the past 8 years, I've closely analyzed, studied and deconstructed successful entrepreneurs across many different industries to discover how they’ve built successful businesses doing work they love.

After interviewing 100+ entrepreneurs who get paid to do work they love and testing different methods, I discovered proven frameworks that helped not only me, but thousands of other entrepreneurs gain clarity on their purpose and build a business doing work they love. And I want that for you too.

Read on to learn more about Business for Living Fabulous and join the waitlist to be the first to know when it's open for enrollment. Would love to help you discover what you’re meant to do, create the right offer, and build a successful business doing work you love!

Join the VIP List!

Join the VIP List!

Enter your name & email below to join the VIP list for early access to exclusive bonuses that make investing in the program one of the most valuable experiences ever.

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BFLF includes a result–based curriculum with built-in LIVE interaction, personal feedback, accountability, and 1-on-1 coaching from me—A FOOLPROOF SYSTEM guaranteed to get you results in less time.


This is a new, hybrid program that includes the best of both worlds, video trainings you can watch on your own time and one-on-one coaching with me so that you get the personalized attention and feedback you need to create your newest, latest, and greatest offer doing work you love that makes money now.



During weeks 1-3, on Monday you'll get a new, bite-sized video training series, along with simple digital action plans, and resources that make taking action a piece of cake. The training will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to develop your core offer using nothing but your skills, knowledge, and experience. 

Each week you'll also get a live, group Q&A call so you can get your questions answered right on the spot from me and personalized feedback where you need it the most.

*This program is designed to work for you whether you can attend the live calls or not. All trainings and recorded Q&A calls will be uploaded to our private, online membership website where you can watch or listen to the content at the best time for you. You don’t have to worry about missing out and falling behind.


During week 4 there will be NO new training, instead, you'll use this time to do exercises that you didn't get to finish during the first 3 weeks, listen to the Q&A call replays, or reach out to me for extra help!

This week is built in the program so that you actually have time to put into practice what you learn without being overwhelmed with a bunch of information. You'll also get a live, group Q&A call this week where you can get on-the-spot coaching to get you unstuck.


During weeks 5 and 6 there will be NO new training, instead you'll work with me, privately, to create your marketing strategy and launch plan. Our goal–to get your newest, latest and greatest offer out into the world!

Why work 1:1 these two weeks? Well, it turns out that this is where most people get stuck trying to follow outdated, cookie-cutter strategies and blueprints. In business, there's no one-size-fits all strategy so instead of you just watching videos and working through this on your own, we'll work together, collaborate, and create a custom business strategy to get your offer launched in a way that works for you.

Each week you'll have a 60-minute working strategy session with me where we'll create a simple marketing campaign to attract your ideal customers and create a launch plan to start making money now doing work you love.

Leverage Your Knowledge

(Video Training Week)

We’ll take a deep dive into who you are to find the hidden gold in the skills and knowledge you already have. You’ll then use your gifts, talents, knowledge, and passions to finally pick the right business direction for you. You’ll leverage what you already know to declare your expertise, position yourself as an expert, differentiate yourself from your competition, and master your topic to boost your confidence.

You'll learn:

  • The inner-workings of the Expert Entrepreneur industry and the five biggest mindset blocks that will hold you back from making the difference and money you’re meant to make
  • The Knowledge Monetization Roadmap so you know the exact steps to start making money now sharing your knowledge
  • How to discover your unique Profitable Skills to pick the perfect industry to build your expertise in, and choose the right topic
  • The Staking Strategy to go from ordinary to extraordinary in your chosen topic using your unique talents and skills
  • The Mastery Matrix to become an expert in anything, master your topic to boost your confidence, and overcome "imposter syndrome" (even if you're just starting!)
  • The Path to Authentic Authority to create instant credibility, position yourself, and become the go-to expert in your industry

Identify Your Target Market

(Video Training Week)

Your audience, those people you’re in business to serve are the most important aspect of your business. They are the main reason why your business exists in the first place, which is to serve people. Knowing your target market = money in the bank!

You’ll find profitable markets in your industry, choose your target market, and identify the people you’re most called to serve. When you know who your target market, you’ll be able to create an offer they can’t resist and a marketing message that speaks to their fears, challenges, and dreams.

You'll learn:

  • How to discover what people need and are willing to pay for to get profitable offer ideas that people can’t resist
  • How to find “Profitable Markets” in your industry, and choose the right one given your expertise
  • A powerful mindset shift you must make if you want to take the fast-track to a profitable business
  • The Audience Probing Process to go beyond demographics, and instead, focus on psychographics to identify your target market
  • The Problem-Centric Strategy that makes defining your target market easier than ever before
  • One of the biggest mistakes that even smart entrepreneurs make that cost months, if not years and thousands of dollars

Create an Offer that Sells & Changes Lives

(Video Training Week)

You'll package your expertise into a premium product, program, or service that you’re both excited to deliver and that your customers will love! You’ll learn how to organize your knowledge and create high-value, teachable content that sells and change lives.

Whether you want to create an online course, monthly membership program, group coaching program, offer private coaching, or a service, you’ll have the tools you need to create a powerful, life-changing experience that gets people results.

*No overly complicated offers. No playing a perfectionist. You will create your newest, latest, and greatest offer that'll take your business and life to the next level.

You'll learn:

  • How to come up with a bunch of offer ideas and choose the right one to bring to life given your unique business & lifestyle goals
  • The Market Validation Grid to validate your offer idea so you don’t waste your precious time creating something that people won’t buy
  • How to create a premium product, program or service that you’re both excited to deliver and that your dream customers can’t resist
  • The Framework System Creator to convert your knowledge into a unique curriculum and framework that gets people results
  • How to clearly identify your ideal customer and design a high-converting offer they can’t resist
  • How to price your offer right with confidence so you don’t undercut yourself

Attract Your Dream Customers

(Private 1:1 Coaching Week)

We'll work together one-on-one to nail your marketing message to sell your product, program, or service. You'll know exactly what your big message is, what you do, why you do it, how you help people, and who you're here to serve. You’ll have what you need to master modern online marketing so you can build the right audience, attract high-paying customers, communicate what you do, and sell your offer without being slick and sleazy.

Sell Out Your Offer

(Private 1:1 Coaching Week)

We'll work together one-on-one to create a simple launch plan for your product, program, or services so you can start making money. You'll learn what's working right now because as you may have noticed, the old way of launching is outdated, way too complicated, and exhausting! You’ll have the strategies you need to build your launch list, create an engaging value sequence, and funnel so you can have a profitable launch. Even if you've launched before and it flopped or you're just dreading it because you feel like it's too much work, we’ll make the process, fun, simple, and dare I say–easy!

*No analysis paralysis. No procrastinating. No excuses. You will finally launch and get your offer out into the world.

Brittany Hammond - Brand Strategist

Before working with Noelle, I was definitely feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in my business. I was struggling to narrow down exactly what I wanted to create and who I wanted to work with for months!

Noelle nailed my target market, ideal client, social media strategy and MORE. I walked away with total clarity on the most important parts of my business.

While working with her I was hit with so much inspiration, had lots of ideas and a solid game plan to implement them!"

Brittany Hammond - Brand Strategist, Nice, France

If this sounds AMAZING, I invite you to join the VIP list. When you join now, you'll not only get early access since spots are limited but you'll also get exclusive bonuses that make joining Business for Living Fabulous one of the most valuable experiences ever!

Join the VIP List!

Join the VIP List!

Enter your name & email below to join the VIP list for early access to exclusive bonuses that make investing in the program one of the most valuable experiences ever.

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